A house is being built and everyone is invited!
Let us try and draw the tallest house in the whole wide world together!
Draw the inside, draw the outside or turn anything you can think of into a Haus Story!
Just like a Jenga tower we will be placing block upon block to create a beautiful structure that will leave the tower of Babel feeling envious.

To find out more visit the project's flickr group. If you don't use flickr or you need more details visit the Specs page.
Email submissions to hausstories@gmail.com.

UPDATE: ▶ The deadline will be Haus Story No. 100 !!! ◀


// Submission
Submit your own story of the house to the group pool on Flickr if you use it.
AND email your image at 72dpi and 300dpi directly to hausstories@gmail.com.
// Specs
The image has to be a rectangular shape and landscape in format and set to 640px wide. That implies lower in height than in width of course!
Keep the top and bottom lines straight and continue your image right to those edges.
You are trying to create a building block for another story to be placed upon!
Place your story on a white background!
Please do not exceed 640px in width for the finished image!
The house inside the 640px can be any width and if stuff is hanging out the sides that doesn't matter.

This is a rough guide to the shape:

// Images have to be to the required specs and will be moderated.
We might want to print this all at a later stage so don't forget to leave some contact info behind!

// Need more details? Email hausstories@gmail.com.

// Most of all have fun!